Vynils for good
When music and the most awarded Spanish beer in the world come together, it can only lead to great things.

Mahou Beer in collaboration with NYHed Studio presents Vinyls for Good, a charitable initiative to raise funds for U.S. bars and restaurants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Together we can help them by buying this vinyl record featuring two songs by the Spanish band Go Cactus. Get your vinyl and help your favorite bars and restaurants return to its normal rhythm!

Sounds good, doesn't it?
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At Mahou Beer we belive in music, we need it.

That is why for years, we have organized concerts, supported
artists, and looked for talent to carry our
passion around the world.

From Madrid to Santiago,
from London to Seoul,
and now here - USA.

How many times have we had a few beers together listeing to
music thay turned that moment into a lasting memory?

Song that unite us,
lyrics that excite us,
and melodies that make us feel close.

We want to enjoy ourselves again while listening
to a special record, sharing Mahou Beer with our friends.

A record that has a soul and mystique and, like our beer, was made
using artisanal mastery of times past.

A record that has the power to help your local bar, and those
working to keep it going.

Your bar is the place where you're shared songs, beers and
friendships and that today needs you more than ever.

Sound perfect doesn't it?

Vynils for Good
Vynils for Good
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Vynils for Good
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